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Jul 2nd | 1 note

Am I the only one who thinks reading erotica during the morning commute is impractical?

And, before I get further into that question … One of the main benefits of having an ereader seems to be the potential to get away with reading anything you want in public without the judgment induced by mortifying book covers. That said, I suspect the benefit is spoiled if you’re reading in a size font that a stranger could read three rows behind you …

Which was where I approximately was. And unless it was being [mis]used in a metaphor for who knows what, the word “orgasming” can only lead me to believe this woman was reading erotica. And I’m just guessing, but it was probably 50 Shades of Shit—

Because, really? “Orgasming”?

It’s not offensive for being what it is; it’s just such a clumsy verb. The clumsiness is the offensive part.

And because this woman is reading erotica during her morning commute, and if she were familiar with the habit—if she understood the practical purpose of erotica—it’s unlikely she would be doing that. So she must be new to it, and 50 Shades has become a bizarre acceptable gateway to erotica for older women who don’t know how to find better stuff for free on the internet.

And now I go back to the original question of practicality. If you’re going to read erotica during a commute, surely you save it for the evening commute—because at least then you’re on your way home where you might have a chance to do something about it. On the way to work? Lunch break? Madness. You’ll be distracted and/or frustrated all day. Granted, some people get off on that sort of self-torture, but those people are in the minority.

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