Name: Ria
Jul 26th | 4 notes

Firewall fanfiction. Who knew that existed?

Well, to be more accurate, it’s Paul Bettany’s character’s fanfiction. With a character named “Bill Cox”, I suppose I shouldn’t wonder that there would be fanfiction. But yeah. Firewall.

It’s actually pretty good. And by “good”, I mean effective. And by “effective”, I mean I feel a bit nauseous after reading what there is of it. Good job. I will keep reading.

(If you’re curious, just go hunting a bit on You’ll find it.)

((And, no, I wasn’t actively searching for Firewall fanfiction. I clicked the Stockholm Syndrome tag and, well … There you go. Consequently, the fact that this story falls under the Stockholm Syndrome tag should give you an idea about its nature. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.))

(((If you haven’t seen Firewall, or if you don’t find Paul Bettany attractive, none of this will mean anything to you. Paul is ghostly, blond, and gorgeous—and kind of scary in this movie … and in this fanfiction.)))

((((I’ll just keep adding to this entry as new thoughts come to me. [Yeah, I know. Shut up, Ri.]))))